Urban Body Administration

Urban Administration and Development, Agar Malwa (Key Contact)

Designation – Project Officer

Office Contact – 07362-258017

Project Officer, Urban Administration and Development is the departmental head of the Department. He looks after the administration for all the urban local body situated in the district.

Urban Body in Agar Malwa District
S. No. Name of Local Body Contact Email
1 Nagar Palika Parishad Agar 07362-258017 cmoagar[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Nagar Parishad Barod 07362-257838 cmobarod[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
3 Nagar Parishad Susner 07362-251426 cmosusner[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Nagar Parishad Nalkheda 07361-22348 cmonalkheda[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Nagar Parishad Kanad 07361-23343 cmokanad[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
6 Nagar Parishad Soyat 07361-232039 cmosoyatkala[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
7 Nagar Parishad Badagaon 07361-236434 cmobadagaonshajapur[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in