Shahi Sawari

Baba Baijnath
  • Celebrated on during: August
  • Significance:

    Agar-Malwa On the last Monday of the month of Shravan, the 36th annual royal ride of Baijnath Mahadev in the city was filled with pomp. Around 1 lakh pilgrims, including hundreds of villages and townspeople from nearby and remote areas, were involved in this. Approximately 50 thousand guest devotees took food tasting. The devotees in the ride were welcomed in the city. From morning till 10 o’clock, devotees of the devotees in the city kept the initiative.

    The arrival of devotees started coming from the temple on the morning. The devotees appeared in the long queues. At 1pm, Collector DD Aggarwal challenged Baba to join the challenge. After the chariot of riding the temple complex was sent off. SP RR Singh Parihar and SDM GS Dabar became part of this worship work. The cantonment naka intersection reached a distance of 4 km from the Ravi temple and reached at around 3 o’clock. From there, bandwagon and tableaux and carvings of hymns, akhaas etc. from the village are connected. On the singing and DJ music, Shiva danced to the songs of Shiva, accompanied by their respective congregations. It took about 5 hours for the devotees from one place to see this ride about 1 km long. After covering the distance of 2 km in the city, Baba’s rider reached the Bhandara site at around 10 pm. The ride route was crowded with the audience. Viewers were gathering on houses, galleries and terraces On the way, devotees worshiped Lord Rama in the chariot. According to the goodwill tradition here, Muslim brothers also welcomed the ride by creating a welcome platform. The collector’s family welcomed the ride in the cantonment square.

  • Festive Attires :

    Dhoti- Kurta and Saaree