Agar Malwa is a tourist attraction. The city has two ponds, Moti Sagar (bada talab) and Ratna Sagar (ratodia talab), which account for       the large amount of water in the city. There is also a dam on the Kalisindh River, the Parsukheri dam; two other dams are Pipliya Kumar dam           and Tillar dam. The city contains a famous temple, Baijnath Mahadev, which was built by the wife of a British Lt. Colonel after a battle in                    Afghanistan in 1879 where his life was miraculously saved, allegedly, by Lord Shiva's intervention.

                 Some notable areas are the Gufa Barda Tulja Bhawani mandir), Kewada SwamiKal Bhairav mandir), Kamal Kundi, Ganesh Temple              (Nr.Bada Talab) and Bade Ganeshji, Tulja Bhawani mandir, ranchod mandir, Gopal mandir.

                 A temple of Lord Krishna (also known as Haveli), which has been served by a Hindu Kayastha family for around two hundred years, is           also very famous among the locals.

                 Agar is famous for its red soil. This red soil is found only in Agar and limited to about 1–2 km outside of it. Banyan trees, some of them           many, many years old, are found in Agar Malwa.

                 Agar Malwa is famous for two temples: Sri Rani Sati Dadi Ji's Temple and Chintaharan Ganesh Mandir Temple at Bada Talab.                    Worshippers throng to the Chintaharan Ganesh Mandir Temple because the deity here is traditionally known as Chintaharan Ganesh, meaning      "the assurer of freedom from worldly anxieties".